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Kindness Shake (KS)  is a community and student-led initiative, launched during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. It supports and focuses on international students, migrants, refugees and temporary visa holders who are experiencing financial difficulties. This partnership between international student volunteers, education and training providers,  local businesses, multi-cultural groups and Governments aims to ensure that no one in the NT affected by the crisis goes to bed without a meal and a kind and genuine smile.


Facilitating international student settlement in the Northern Territory includes tailored plans, orientation sessions, and cultural events to reduce challenges. Key actions comprise developing Settlement Plans, arranging affordable accommodation, informing students about local services, collaborating with existing student communities for airport pickups, and enhancing English language skills.


Improving international students’ career prospects includes linking them with local employers, offering workshops, and mentorship. This goal seeks to enhance students’ job awareness and skills while creating networking chances. Key actions involve working with local businesses, skill programs with experts and institutions, and hosting “Skill up 2 Scale up” networking events.


Fostering interaction between international students and local residents through community events, partnerships, and government support. It offers international students opportunities for volunteering, cultural exchange, and multicultural exposure, culminating in the annual Kindness Festival. Key actions include facilitating volunteering, engaging with First Nation students and Elders, and promoting multiculturalism.


Advocates for international students’ rights, collaborating with institutions, and raising awareness. It aims to empower students by providing legal guidance and support, fostering knowledge, access to resources, and dignity, and contributing to their well-being and success in the community.

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