The Kindness Shake (KS) is a community and student-led initiative, launched during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. It supports and focuses on international students, migrants, refugees, and temporary visa holders who are experiencing financial difficulties. This partnership between international student volunteers, education and training providers, local businesses, multi-cultural groups, and Governments, aims to ensure that no one in the NT affected by the crisis goes to bed without a meal and a kind and genuine smile. 


Enhancing the wellbeing of international students in the Northern Territory through social and cultural engagement, humanitarian services and employability improvement while showcasing the importance of multiculturalism and international communities in Australia.


Our mission is to provide any form of support, not limited to free meals and employability, but also social engagement and welfare/well-being improvement of international students and migrants in the Northern Territory. This will be achieved through our current initiatives and future goals.


Take part in empowering whole communities